Lidl Suhada Nature: Papaya and Green Tea Extracts - cheap and yummy

lidl suhada

Honestly sure where would you be going spending serious moolah on natural body products when Lidl have a great range like this out? Suhada Nature is a really good line - free from artificial perfumes, colours and  not tested on animals. None of the products contain any silicones or paraffins and so are unlikely to react or cause sensitivity. Organic ingredients are used where possible and conform to stringent guidelines.

The latest Papaya and Green Tea line is really gorgeous. I'm particularly loving the exfoliating shower gel  (€3.99) and the body oil. It smells seriously delish and the quality is as good as any of your fancy pants botanical brands - for a fraction of a price.

But the lightning strike nature of Lidl products means that this range is not a permanent fixture on the cut price shelves. When it's gone it really is gone - forever. We've written before about other limited editions from this range - see what we thought of some of their other beauty products.


This is seriously limited edition and I'd advise you to throw a few into your trolley and stockpile them - if you can still get them that is.

And the packaging doesn't look like Lidl - it actually looks nice. Which is always a bonus.

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