Lily-Rose Depp Brought the Early 2000s Back at PFW

Yesterday, Lily-Rose Depp and her mum attended Paris Fashion Week, both looking ever inch the sophisticated models at the Chanel show, sitting front row with Jean Paul Goude. That said, we definitely wore an outfit like that at an Irish College  disco in 2002. Our posing prowess may not have been as accomplished though.

According to her Instagram, Lily-Rose has been hanging with Karl Lagerfeld and generally living it up...


Lily-Rose is due to make her big screen debut alongside Natalie Portman. They're playing sisters "who can connect with ghosts" in the upcoming Planetarium.

While the 16-year-old seems to be having the time of her life, dad Johnny Depp has recently expressed concerns regarding his daughter's career plans. Speaking of her modelling and fledgling movie career, Depp told German magazine Gala: "To be honest, I'm quite worried. I wasn't expecting all this to happen to Lily-Rose, especially not at this age. But it's her passion and she's having fun. She knows I'm always there for her."

If a son or daughter expressed an interest in modelling or acting, would you facilitate them at every move, or would you rather they waited until they were 18 at least?

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