How this common beauty product changed our life

Dry shampoo has fast become a necessity in our beauty regimen. It now takes pride of place as one of our most used beauty products.

Dry shampoo is just so handy. It's actually been a life changing product to me. Partly because it's so great and partly because I am lazy and I really hate washing and drying my hair. It's one of those, time-consuming, menial tasks that I just hate to do. I try to prolong the inevitable hair-washing for as long as possible but you just can't go around with dirty hair. Greasy hair is not a good look. That's why, when dry shampoo arrived on the scene, it changed my life.

Use it for time-keeping

Dry shampoo will fix more than just a dirty hair scenario. It's going to take those 'I don't have time to wash and dry my hair before tonight' situations away. I am notoriously running late. Often something super important comes up that overrules the hair washing process. Now it doesn't matter. I just spray the can into the roots all through my hair and hey presto, I have clean, fresh smelling hair. It's just so convenient. How often have you woken up late for work and not had time to wash your dirty hair? So you throw it up in a bun and hope nobody notices right? I turn to dry shampoo and while my hair isn't freshly washed and super shiny, at least I know I won't be getting any funny stares at my greasy hair.

Use it for a steady upstyle


You can also use this as a little helper when you are creating an upstyle. It's a dry powder consistency so it absorbs excess oil and dirt but it also adds texture and volume to the hair. That means when you sculpt your hair into an upstyle it will hold the shape much better and it will be way easier to manoeuvre. If you dry shampoo a section before backcombing, it will hold really well.

Use it just for volume

A good spray of dry shampoo will make your normal flat hair look like blow-dried, full voluminous hair. It gives volume and hold to the roots so your hair will look like it's been styled. Throw your hair upside down and spray the can at your roots in sections. You need to work it in with your fingertips and it will give your roots invisible volume.

Use it for the fringe

Dry shampoo is a godsend for anyone with a fringe. Bangs are in and on your face all day every day. They get touched and played with all the time. They also pick up excess oil from your skin so they tend to get greasy faster than the rest of your hair. Dry shampoo is the quickest, handiest way to keep your fringe looking fresh and give it a quick waterless wash.


Have you been hooked on dry shampoo yet?

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