L'Oreal Professionel Revolutionise Salon Colour with Inoa


Tis a truth universally acknowledged that hair dye is the bees knees for giving locks lustre and shine, but that initial healthy appearance doesn't tend to last - the process of applying permanent and semi-permanent colour itself is damaging because chemical processes, usually using ammonia, need to take place to open up the hair follicle so the dye can squeeze in to colour and highlight hair.

Recently we've seen kinder at-home semi-permanent and permanent colours from Clairol and Garnier, but now the long arm of L'Oreal has stretched its muscle into salons with Inoa, their new colour range from pro line L'Oreal Professionel.  Unlike regular salon colour, it doesn't use ammonia.

Oil Delivery System (ODS) technology is used instead, and it's a breakthrough because the oil base is what drives the colorant into the heart of the hair fibre. Less harsh than ammonia, it'll help to maintain the hair’s natural level of lipids and  essential amino acids (up to twice that of ammonia-based colourants), and the system is more comfortable to the scalp too. Tests have shown that after nine uses hair is as smooth as before coloration.


Sounds great, eh? Surely there must be a catch, like limited shade choices? Apparently not - Inoa comes in 40 hues with the ability to lighten up to three levels, darken hair and perfectly cover 100% white hair.  Price may be a sticking point for some, as salon colour is expensive.

You'll find the Inoa system at L'Oreal Professionel salons nationwide, rolling out now. Prices will vary from salon to salon, so check yours for details - the customer helpline can be reached on 01 604 5900.

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