L'Oréal Serioxyl System for Thinning Hair: Another Weapon in the Fight Against Hair Loss?

Hair loss is very difficult to deal with for both men and women. It can really affect self-esteem and leave people feeling very unhappy. When I got sick a couple of years ago and lost a lot of hair, I really didn't feel good about myself, and I'm not even a 'hair person'.

If your hair is your pride and joy and you suddenly find it is coming out in tufts, you're bound to seek out a solution. If your doctor has ruled out illness as a cause, you might turn to cosmetics for the solution.

There are all kinds of supposed solutions to hair thinning and loss, but do any of them work? The Serioxyl range from L'Oréal Professional is the latest thing to hit the market. We wanted to give you a look at the products and hear what you think about hair loss and solutions in the comments below.


There is a range including shampoo and conditioner, but I have the two latest Serioxyl releases to show you, the Denser Hair Serum and the Thicker Hair Serum.

  • Serioxyl Thicker Hair Serum (€31.99)

Now this is a product that I don't have any qualms about because it is designed to boost and nourish your existing hair. You apply this serum to lengths and ends when damp and it really penetrates the hair, feeding and strengthening brittle hair fibres while boosting each strand to make it a little thicker; almost like rehydrating a raisin! It's jammed with Pro-Keratin to ensure that the hair you have is in the best possible condition and protected from further damage and breakage.

It left my hair shiny and feeling pleasantly weighty on my head.

Serioxyl Denser hair copie

  • Serioxyl Denser Hair Serum (€31.99)

I'm less sure of this product in theory. Designed to stimulate the hair bulb and essentially reawaken the bulb so that it works at maximum potential, this product requires three months of nightly application to the scalp before it says you'll see results.


It contains Stemoxydine to stimulate the hair follicle and is full of anti-oxidants and ingredients aimed at protecting the scalp. Obviously, I haven't used this for three months, but L'Oréal's clinical trials boast very positive results. I'm in two minds though. I don't doubt for a moment that products can hugely benefit existing hair, but can they make a palpable difference to hair loss?

Have you suffered with hair loss? What did you find helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments! Don't be shy if you're new!

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