L'Oreal TECNI.ART Hair Texturiser

playballHair texturisers are big news these days - gone are the days of poker straight locks, and in have come less structured styles with movement and volume. And that's where products that add texture to hair come in. We've blogged before about Bumble & Bumble's Hair Powders which can be handily used to both get an extra day before washing, but to also add texture to hair which enables it to be styled more easily and give it a bit more oomph.


L'Oreal TECNI.ART is a professional salon brand that has a great range of fun and effective products. Their Play Ball Density Material is "a texturising wax-paste with next generation fibre technology to create multi-texture looks in a flash". Buy from HQhair for €17 for 100ml.

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