Love It: Schwarzkopf OSiS Dust It Mattifying Hair Powder

osis dust it

Chatting to my hairdresser Nick the other day while he put manners on my unshapely grown-out gruaig, I prodded him for a recommendation for an easy DIY wedding updo. His suggestion of an SJP-stylee oversized bun was immediate, and I loved it, but frankly I wasn't entirely sure that my own limp locks would be up to the task of recreating such an engineering feat. A little red container that bore a strong resemblance to a pepper pot was produced, a small amount of its contents were sprinkled throughout my hair, and hey presto - I had instant volume and thickness, together with a decent amount of hold.

Needless to say, I took home a container of this wonder product, OSiS Dust It by Schwarzkopf Professional, with me.


It's different to a dry shampoo like Batiste, which is good for mopping up excess grease at the roots and generally freshening hair but which doesn't really add much in the way of volume or control. In contrast, Dust It creates something of an optical illusion and makes me look like I've oodles of hair, almost like it's been backcombed, while providing enough hold that I don't feel the need to add hairspray. I'm liking it for a deconstructed bed head hair look as well as for use with updos or controlling unruly strands, and a little really goes a long way.

Now, Nick reckons this is a real Marmite product and I'd be inclined to agree: if you're not into a matte texture or like your hair to feel very natural it's unlikely you'll be a fan. I'm firmly in the "nom, love it" camp, though!

Find OSiS Dust It at salons or* for €11.94, including delivery.

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