MAC Chatterbox lippy is perfect for Spring/Summer - and so is its €6 dupe

MAC Chatterbox is a lipstick classic that's perfect for this time of year. But what if we told you we've found a dupe that costs just €6?

Springtime means changing up your lipstick to a pop of colour that brightens up the complexion. (Or do I mean summer? It's hard to distinguish between the two after the Longest Winter in History™.) A pink or peach tone always looks great with a matching blusher and loads of mascara. Keep the skin dewy and you have the perfect spring look to freshen up your face after the cold and dark winter.

mac chatterbox nyx dupe

MAC Chatterbox €20

MAC Chatterbox is a perfect example of this. The pink is a strong enough colour to bring life back into your face without being too pink. It's a real springtime lipstick and is a great gateway lipstick when you're trying to wean yourself off winter reds and nudes. Spring/Summer is all about bright colours and highlighted skin.

If the €20 price tag is slightly out of budget for the (potential) risk, then you will be happy to know that we have a dupe that will tick all the boxes.


mac chatterbox nyx dupe

NYX Fig €5.75

What I love about this lipstick is the velvet yet creamy texture. It's practically identical to its MAC counterpart, with a long-lasting semi-matte finish. Because of its mineral-based emollient formula, it applies really smoothly, the pigment is rich and it doesn't smudge or wear off badly.

Have you found a dupe that you rave about? We want to know all about it.

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