Why liquid highlighters are the thing to try this summer - and how to use them

Glowing skin for summer is a given on our list of must-haves. You can get the dewy look with liquid highlighters no matter what your skin type is.

There is not just one straightforward answer to achieving glowing skin. There are lots of techniques for achieving it. But, you need to pick a technique that will work with your skin type. Liquid highlighters can actually work for both dry and oily skin. You just need to apply them differently.

For a dry skin type, you will probably love a moist creamy finish on your foundation, whereas owners of oily skin will prefer a matte finish with carefully placed highlight that won’t be mistaken for shine.

If you are dry, there are a couple of different things you can do with these gorgeous creamy highlighters. Firstly, you can apply after your foundation with a fluffy brush to the higher planes of your face. However, my favourite way is to mix the cream into your foundation and give you a luminous glow on your cheeks.

How to:
  • Apply your foundation to most of your skin leaving the apples of your cheeks and forehead until last
  • Add in a blob of highlighter the size of a small pea. Mix it into the last bit of foundation
  • Use a stifling brush to apply it to your cheeks and forehead area. This gives you a really natural luminous glow to your skin
  • Add powder just down the centre of your face if you tend to get a bit of shine in your T-Zone throughout the day

For an oily skin type, we recommend applying your foundation and setting your makeup and apply the highlight after.

How to:
  • Apply foundation all over with your favourite brush
  • Set foundation all over with powder
  • Use your fingers to gently tap a tiny amount of liquid highlight just to small areas where you want to catch the light. Along the tips of the cheekbones and along the bridge of your nose should be enough to give you a glow.


Dew manizer the balm liquid highlighter

The Balm Dewmanizer Liquid Highlighters



penneys kpop after Glow liquid highlighter

Penneys After Glow Liquid Highlighter

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