Magazine Awards 2012: the results so far!


We're a week into our and British Beauty Blogger Magazine Awards 2012 and the votes have been flying in - thousands of 'em so far.  And one thing we've really noticed about this vote is that the shape of the results change every single day.

So for example the Irish Magazine category has had different magazines topping the poll every day.  At the time of writing RSVP is out in front with Image magazine following hot on its heels.  Stellar, U and Prudence are still strong contenders in the top five:

Irish Magazines

While in the Best for Beauty category lots of you didn't agree with our suggestions at all - voting for everything from Harpers and Vanity Fair to Stylist and The Gloss.  We'll be counting all these, worry not, to see if one name emerges as a strong enough contender to get into the top five.  Here's the shape of the poll yesterday evening:

UK magazine graph


You can check on all the results so far and see how your favourite titles are doing here

I asked on Twitter yesterday if any of you would like to contribute by telling me in 140 characters why you love magazines and  which ones really speak to you.  The results were ace:  heartfelt and show that magazines mean something really special to you.

Lots of you recommended your favourite titles:

twitter quotes

While others told me it was the sheer joy of escaping for a few minutes with a magazine that did it for them:

twitter quotes


So have you voted yet?  Head over to the Magazine Awards page and get your spake in if you haven't.  There are six juicy categories to give some love to - and your magazines need you!

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