Manhattan Call Girl: beauty regime

I've just finished reading Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl and Diary of a Married Call Girl by Tracy Chan. I bought them for holiday reading and they fitted the bill perfectly. Apart from all the naughty goings on there were several beauty tips that I thought we could have a giggle about.

Nancy is the narrator. She and her friends (call girls all) are impeccably groomed and obsessed with their appearance. It's kind of like Sex in the City... with more sex.

  • They must be waxed to perfection. They can't understand how anyone could let their, er, lady gardens become unkempt and uncared for. After all, that's how they make their money. Brazilian waxing at the very least is what is required. Nancy goes further. No little landing strip for her - everything must go. And she takes cod liver oil supplements especially to keep the (couple of milimetres) of hair that manages to grow back, soft between waxes.
  • They are gym regulars. Nancy in particular loves Pilates, to keep her strong and supple for those demanding difficult positions.
  • They love expensive cosmetics and makeup. Prescriptives makeup and Biologie facemasks are favourites.
  • The Atkins Diet features strongly in the books. It can be a case of one upmanship about who has ordered the 'best' food - plates of oysters, protein rich main courses and vodka martinis are all favourites.
  • When something goes wrong, intensive pampering is the way to cure it. Facials, visits to the hairdresser (getting highlights done is a sacrosanct ritual) and nails must all be maintained to the nth degree. It's a sign of healing from a traumatic incident if you "glow with maintenance".
  • Funnily enough cosmetic surgery is not something Nancy and her pals go in for. Thats left to New Girls like Charmaine, who has had so much cosmetic surgery done at the age of 22 that she is basically using all her earnings to get more and more done.

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