This is the best matte lipstick we've tried in AGES

Matte lipstick comes and goes out of fashion. But we've found one you'll want to wear regardless. Because... it's bloody brilliant.

Matte lipstick may or may not be your thing. Some people love it, while others shy away. Personally, I always found it was a product I wanted to love but hadn't really been able to fully get onboard with. I use it when I'm working with models, brides and actresses, but very rarely actually wear it myself. Which is why I'm so excited to have finally found one that I can (and do) wear.

In general, matte lipstick can get a bad wrap. Some people think it makes your lips look smaller. Then, there are issues with formula. Many dry out, become uncomfortable and even start to ball up or peel, none of which are a great look. The good news is if you've been battling with these problems there is one out there that doesn't do that, at all. Even me, a confirmed non-lipstick wearer is a fan. And that, is saying something!

The Shieido Modern Matte lipsticks (€31) have a really beautiful formula. Instead of drying on the lips, they settle into a gentle, powder finish that feels more like velvet. When you're wearing them, it genuinely feels like there's nothing on your lips. And even though they do fade a little after eating and drinking, the lasting power is impressive over all.




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I don’t know why people are afraid of red lipstick. This is one of the sexiest, most universal shades. & this Shiseido lipstick that I got for free from a special Sephora was having? Definitely worth spending that money on those other products lol. But seriously, not only do I love this color, this lipstick felt like putting air on my lips. It’s that lightweight & cozy. & the color really stayed on. Not transfer proof, but darn good holding quality. When this one runs out, I definitely see myself restocking. #shiseido #shiseidomodernmatte #shiseidomodernmattepowderlipstick #shiseidomodernmattepowderlipstickexoticred #shiseidoexoticred #trialsize #shiseidomakeup #newlipstick #redlipstick #sephora #selfie #nofilter

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In terms of shades, there's an impressive selection. My eye was instantly drawn to the reds, but the neutral shades are particularly nice too, especially for brides who might be considering wearing a matte lipstick on their big day.



Are you fan of matte lipstick already? Would you be tempted to try this one?

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