How to apply the perfect red lip

The easiest way to instantly glam up your look is with a red lippy. Here is how to apply the perfect red lip.

A statement lip is a perfect attribute to any look. It's so versatile and quick to create when you know how. If red is not your colour, there are so many other colour options to give you that pop of colour that dresses up any look.

The main thing is that your application method is correct and trust me, that can be the hardest thing. So, here are my top tips to ensure you can create the perfect lip every time.

  • Start by sharpening your pencil and wear it down on both sides on some kitchen paper to make sure the tip is ultra fine.
  • Mapping out the lips is the most important thing here, so start with the centre (cupid's bow) and draw an "X".
  • Then, draw a little dash on either side of the upper lip, middle of the lower lip and both sides of the lower lip.
  • You now have the lips mapped out so it's easy to just join the dots.
  • Using the lip pencil still colour in the full lip. This will provide a really great and long-lasting base for your lipstick to stick on to.
  • To get a perfectly crisp line, apply your red lipstick with a flat lip brush this is especially important for those with small or a-symmetric lips.
  • Finally to clean up and create the perfect red lip, bite down on the lower lip. This will show you if your lip line is straight or not.
  • Using a fuller coverage concealer and flat brush, clean up the lower lip line to reveal a perfect long-lasting red or dark lip.

Here is a quick video showing you exactly how to.

Have you got any top tips when it comes to creating the perfect red lip?

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