Maybelline Brow Satin: The Answer to Wispy Brows' Prayers?

Remember that time when Cara Delevigne burst on to the scene and everyone went wild for her huge, black eyebrows? I curse that time. I'm one of those people with the wispiest of brows that I've never been able to properly control.

They are that fair brown colour that look ok up close on a day when you're doing the no make-up look but completely disappear in photographs. I've plucked them - in fact, I used to be quite the obsessive as a teen, keeping a tweezer and magnifying mirror by my bed-side so that I could pluck my brows to sleep - but I've never got the shape quite right.

cara gq
I only started colouring them in recently with a really sharp eye-brow pencil from Rimmel. No need to laugh, I know that's not the ideal way to fill in very thin caterpillars (tape-worms more like), a make-up artist told me so last week.

So what is the ideal way? Well, Maybelline have just released their new tool, the Brow Satin Smoothing Duo-Brow Pencil and Filling Powder, that might be just the trick.

Like all the best make-up pencils, this comes with a certain something at each end. On one side there's a 'fixing' gel-pencil for filling in gaps and shaping the brow. On side two is a powder that's purpose is to define and set the brow.

Brow Satin
I must say, as I rub off the brown eye shadow and Vaseline I've been using as a brow shaper (don't judge me) I feel pretty excited about this prospective gem. The two samples I had at my disposal were Dark Blonde and Medium Brown - the Brow Satin range also includes Mahogany Red and Dark Brown. I decided that I would try both since I live with the hair colour best described as Mud and so in theory, either would do.

Bare Brow Meet Wispy McWisperson
With wishful thoughts, I tried the Dark Blond first. The gel pencil feels a little rubbery and you must lean on it a bit to transfer any colour onto your skin, but it's much nicer than the sharp tip of a well-peared pencil. The powder end feels luv-er-ly, really soft and velvety and it sure does smooth out my brow without leaving a weird shiny film. My only concern would be it's hard to know how long the powder part would last, because it looks and feels slightly meagre.
Dark Blonde Brow Satin
Dark Blonde is clearly all wrong for me so I scrub it off with a wet wipe (the girl who uses eye-shadow and Vaseline to do her brows is the girl who uses a wipe to remove them) and go with sample number two.

Medium Brown is much better. If Cara paints hers black to match her blonde locks then I shall Dark Brown it up to compliment my mousy locks.

Dark Brown Brow Satin
I'm pleased with the result and I know it will make my eyes look better in photos but it still looks artificial and drawn on. I don't know why I expected a miracle, maybe this would look brilliant if an expert applied it, and I guess it's absolutely fine for a DIY product.
Brow Satin Promo Shot 3
For convenience, it's great actually, very easy to apply and I loved the powder end that makes the whole process so easy so it would be a nice little quick fix tool to store in your handbag and at €8.99 it definitely won't break the bank.

How do you make your brows look wow? Do you rely on the professionals or are you a DIY kind of person?

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