Meghan Markle's favourite foundation is probably your favourite too

Meghan Markle's favourite foundation is at least nominated for a Beautie Awards every single year. She loves it - and we love it

Meghan Markle is in and out of the spotlight as many times as Trump these days. And that's the last time I'll be mentioning the two in one sentence. She's the world's newest fashion icon, with reason; the lady's got style.

A look can't be completed without hair and makeup, though, but savvy Meghan Markle has that down, too. Her infamous 'messy buns' have already inspired women to forget the pricey salon blow-dry (or hours and effort spent trying to emulate one). For that alone, I salute her. After years in front of cameras, Meghan has learned how to look after her skin, so it always looks amazing. But like all good things, there's some element of trickery behind it.

Meghan loves her freckles to shine through, and she hates when her skin tone is altered by photoshop (quite rightly). But she does wear makeup. Meghan's former her former hairstylist and makeup artist Lydia F Sellers told Refinery 29 that in order to let her natural beauty shine, while not leaving her completely barefaced, was to use a foundation beloved of many. Many, many, oh, so many. What is it?

armani meghan markle foundation


Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation €46.50

Yes, of course, it's Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, the glowiest, dewiest foundation in the land.

Not everyone can wear it; I have oily skin with redness and scars, and it just doesn't suit it. But my dry skinned friends love it. So do a lot of readers; it's constantly at least nominated for Best Luxury Foundation in the Beautie Awards. But that's naturally the problem with it. It's luxury, which means it's expensive.

But, hark! The Beautie Angels sing! Last June, found a dupe and it only costs €10!

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