Miley's Outfit Choice at Joan Jett's Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame Induction

A leather cut out dress avec nipple pasties was obviously the only way for Miley to go.

And Joan Jett does look pleased to have her head perched alongside the heart shaped pasties initialed in her honour…but Paul McCartney, not so much.

To be honest, though, Sir Paul's such a pro that his expression is left open to interpretation. It's either saying "Pfffhah, who's the blonde the try hard?!" or "FORTHELOVEOFGOD,MAN,EYESFRONT.EYES.FRONT... OK, start humming something... 'I saw her standing bare...' - DANGIT"

Speaking at the event on Saturday, Miley said of the first time she met Jett, which was in a hotel room after she performed alongside the the 19-year-old singer after the last season of the Oprah Winfrey Show: "'Joan is running around spraying orange smell cleaner to mask the smell of pot."


She then went on to describe Jett as "what a super woman should be! She has had a career that is decades-long and the first to do many things, not just as a woman, but as a bad-ass being on the planet."

So. Paul's face. What does it say to you?

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