Miranda Kerr just wore the most beautiful bridal headpiece

Miranda Kerr is one of those people who looks innocent and sexy at the same time, and I find that discombobulating. She's also in her thirties, has been married and divorced and has a child and still looks like she would be right at home as the head cheerleader for the High Schools football team (Aussie Rules in her case).

And, of course, she looks equally as amazing as a brunette or blonde. Wonder how she'd pull off rose-gold coloured hair? She'd probably start an international rose gold hair dye drought.

She's been busy modelling something or other and turned Galadriel blonde for the occasion, but who cares about that, we already knows it suits her; look what she has on her head!

Do blondes have more fun? ? Loved this shoot for @vmagazine #tbt

A photo posted by Miranda (@mirandakerr) on


Flower crowns can sometimes be so very awful, but this one is per-frickin'-fection. We spoke about alternatives the traditional wedding veil last week, and this would fit right in. Her entire look is laid back, '70s-esque bride - let it get stuck on millions on Pinterest boards, everywhere.

Has she nailed the easy-going bride look? Could you picture this at the most relaxed and gorgeous summer wedding ever?

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