How Much Are You Paying In The Hairdresser?

Somewhere in the depths of the Celtic Tiger hairdressers started to charge for blowdries as part of the cut/colour/highlight service.

It sneaked in so gradually that we didn't really notice it - but it caused the price of hairdressing services to shoot up.  Pre Celtic Tiger if I wanted a half head of highlights that's what I'd pay for.  During the Celtic Tiger however if I wanted a half head of highlights I paid for them - and the cost of the blowdry (that was always part of the service anyway) was added on to the charge, usually to the tune of at least another €25.


Did they ever let us leave the salon with wet hair?  No they didn't so adding this charge on was downright dishonest.  The only time this is a legitimate charge is if you're actually just going to the salon  for a wash and blow dry


Now the times they are a changin' and that ridiculous blow dry charge seems to be dying a death.  I can now get a full colour, a cut and a blowdry in a local salon for €50.  A couple of years ago I would have expected to pay upwards of €100.

What about you - what are you paying?  Have you noticed prices coming down?


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