Naked Detox Deep Cleanse Shampoo: Worse than useless

There are certain beauty and grooming products that I have high expectations of. They're usually very expensive, or make big bold claims about their performance capabilities, or contain proven active ingredients in make-a-difference quantities, or are produced by a company whose products I generally rate.


Shampoo is not one of those products.



I'm very, very low-maintenance when it comes to hair so I mostly just expect shampoo to clean my it. That's it. Not exactly an outrageous expectation from something that's actually manufactured, marketed, and sold as a hair cleanser, I would say. Of course, there are bonus points to be had if it's colour safe/scalp smoothing/volumising/can make a really excellent cocktail, but at the very least it should leave my damn hair clean.


So I wasn't exactly looking for miracles from Naked Detox Deep Cleanse Shampoo (€5.89.) It's a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, it's sulfate-free, and it combines extract of peppermint and sorrel leaf with gentle plant-based cleansers to get rid of product build up and leave hair – in their words – “fresh, clean and light.” While I haven't used a 2-in-1 since I was a kid, I liked the idea of a conditioning element in a clarifying shampoo. And there was a quote from a random bloke called Dave on the back of the bottle talking about how easily it had gotten rid of his hair wax, so I thought Himself might get on well with it, too.

As it turns out, he is getting on well with it. (Thanks for the heads up, Dave.) I, however, am not, because I'm finding it absolutely bloody impossible to rinse clean from my head. When I use it I'm left with heavy-feeling, greasy-looking patches of hair at my scalp.


The first time it happened, it was so bad that I thought I must actually have forgotten to rinse my hair after shampooing. Then it happened again... and again... by which time I was using enough water to fill Lough Derg twice over and rinsing like a woman posessed, so it wasn't me, it was the bloody shampoo. By which I mean, sham-poo, obviously.

I'm not sure if I have too much hair for it to rinse clean or what the feck is causing the issue, but I won't be using Naked Detox Deep Cleanse again. Himself and Dave can have this one all to themselves!

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