Neutrogena T/Gel: the silent bestselling secret for dandruff and itchy scalp


Years ago after a particularly bad home dye job - in which I'd left the colour on for far too long and created a beautiful piebald pony effect on my hair - I found that my scalp reacted really badly.

Yer woman Laura with the itchy flakey scalp - don't scratch! - had nothing on me. I tried a few different things, but nothing worked until I bought a bottle of T/Gel. All it took was a couple of shampoos with this coal tar-based treatment to clear it all up - it may not smell the best but it's an incredibly effective product.

I'd forgotten all about the wonders of T/Gel until I was chatting with someone from Neutrogena recently and asked her what the best selling product from the whole Neutrogena line was.  It's T/Gel she told me, has been for years.  It's a great product, it works really well and both men and women swear by it.


They've expanded the range to treat a whole range of scalp conditions, from yer common or garden itchy dandruff, to psoriasis and have developed lots of new products.  Anyone else got T/Gel love?

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