NEW! Benefit Launch "Gimme Brow" To Help You Get Cara Delevingne Full Brows

Roll up, roll up, the Great Browzini of Benefit is here to astound and amaze you! With a flick of his magic cosmetic wand and a swish of his pink cape, he promises that he can make full brows appear.

So prepare to have your eyebrows raised. And thickened.

This week, Benefit invited us along to meet the shiny, new addition to their beautiful family. With over 900 brow bars internationally, Benefit know a thing or 900 about grooming and the new “Gimme Brow” is designed to help you channel your inner (and outer) Cara Delevingne.


It's actually quite a nifty little idea. The brush-on fibre gel sticks to skin and hair, building up volume in the brow. When I heard the volumising tagline, I did my confused face and thought it sounded like a bit of an odd claim. But having had the chance to play with it, I can confirm that it does indeed “thicken up” the brow as well as adding colour. You end up with a slightly more three-dimensional look than just working with a regular pencil or gel.

To apply, start at the inner corner and use short and pressing motions along the brow. It’s an odd sensation because it feels strangely wet and cold as it hits the skin. You then comb the volumising fibres through with the micro brush to define the shape.

And the gel contains provitamin B5 and marshmallow extract to condition, and to make me want to eat, the brow.



Sure there are elements of the marketing monster at play here.

But I still reward “Gimme Brow” with a big thumbs up. The gel is water-resistant, long-wearing and buildable. And most importantly for a fair-haired gal like me, the result looks immaculate but natural. It just looks like a better version of what God gave me to furrow with.

It comes in a choice of two colours, light/medium or medium/deep.


If you want a product that gives the illusion of  fuller brows, while still giving great colour, then this is worth checking out. For a really defined brow, you could still fill in the arches with something like "Brow Zings" to give great definition and then use “Gimme Brow” to add thickness.


It will be hitting the shelves in March 2014, with an RRP of €24.

Will you be checking out “Gimme Brow”? Do you like the idea of thicker brows? Do you reckon it’s possible to create brow fullness with hair mousse and a teeny tiny hairdryer? To the comments!

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