New dry shampoos: L'Oreal Tecni Art Fresh Dust; Joico Instant Refresh

Dry shampoo, once the preserve of the invalid and convalescent, definitely had such a bang of granny  in Days of Yore that it could only be found on the dusty shelves well below eye level in chemists.

Until we started going to festivals en masse that is.  Three days in a sweaty tent, nights in a sweaty beer tent, lots of rain and no showers meant that dry shampoo was suddenly a necessity. And as a bonus it provides tons of volume to limp hair - score!

Klorane and Batiste experienced a revival and they capitalised on this new cult following.  Batiste launched a zillion flavours and textures (some more successful than others - avoid the XXL version like the plague).

Now there are more dry shampoos than you can shake a stick at, but funnily enough most of them just don't get it right.  We were all excited by John Frieda's coloured range for example - it turned out to be rubbish.  (Bumble and Bumble are a much better bet for a coloured dry shampoo).  Check out the Dry Shampoo section where we've been busy rating and reviewing).

So are these new pretenders any good?



In order to give them a fair comparison I parted my hair down the middle and tried one product on one side and one on the other

L’Oreal Tecni Art Fresh Dust (€11.95) is light, doesn't smell strong (which you might like as it won't fight with your perfume) and brushes out fairly easily - but it's way too expensive for a product which should retail at less than half this price.  It doesn't build much volume but it does soak up oil from your hair. 5/10

Joico is a brand I've actually never warmed to.  Could they do better with their dry shampoo?

Nope.  This smells like hairspray - and I could barely tell the difference in my hair afterwards.  It didn't seem to do ANYTHING.  No de-greasing or de-oiling (gack, sorry) and certainly no volume.  I'd give this one a miss. 2/10

Stick to your Batiste.

Both products available from salons or online




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