New Model.Me Range at Boots

model me

Toni & Guy have just launched a new model-spokespersoned line called Model.Me, available at Boots.

Helena Christensen, Erin O'Connor and er, Jamelia are the three birds they've chosen to design the collection around. From the couple of interviews I've read with Helena Christensen about it recently, I don't know how much involvement they had themselves with the product development, but sure as they're all pretty, they look good on the packaging.

The products are supposed to be good, however, and with the Toni & Guy label on them, they're sure to do well. In addition, the 3 ladies were chosen by no accident. Jamelia's range is for afro hair, Erin's for shape, hold and structure, and Helena's line is for boho babes with natural, 'effortless' hair.


Check out the Model.Me site for more info - I think I might be checking out Jamelia's line in more detail - my barnet sounds like it could be tamed by her ace sounding Affinity Serum, a weapon in the fight against frizz.

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