New Scandalous Hair Goodies from James Brown!

james brown

Big fan and all that I am of James Brown's exceptionally affordable debut haircare and styling collection, the eponymous James Brown London, the packaging always seemed a little bit too minimal. Hurray so, cos his new line, Scandalous, is anything but.

Named for the dirty stop-out in all of us, the line, in Boots stores this month, is the party end of things. Where the first range is your pro haircare kit on a budget, this stuff is all about creating statement looks and drama. So shampoos volumise, serums shimmer and beachy, sexy hair is the order of the day.

Right so, lets tick it off: looks: check. Rock-chick credentials: check. Products to tousle up your barnet into sexy styles: check.


Uh-oh, price has got to be a factor so, yeah?

No! Everything is €8.95 excepting Intensively Glossy Rescue Treatment, which is €12.95. Purse-friendly and cool - oh, I'll have me some of that.

As always, James Brown's haircare and styling lines are only available in larger Boots stores but if you happen to be in London over the summer, he's going to be opening his first salon in the city (not The City, just the, eh, city) on the 15th July. More at

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