Nicky Clarke jumps on the the detox bandwagon with Detox and Purify... hairdryer and straighteners

The Undisputed King of Big Hair and sporting  a massive bouffant himself, Nicky Clarke is the Celebrity Hairdresser to end all others.  It is my dream to have my hair done by Nicky Clarke and if I ever unexpectedly come into money I'm getting straight on a plane to London Town and heading  to his Mayfair salon for a personal consultation.

The Nicky Clarke empire doesn't just end with his chain of salons of course.  There are hair products, endorsements and his electrical hair tool ranges - hairdryers, straighteners and the like.

All well and good.  Until the launch of the Detox and Purify range.


(Yes, caps were necessary).  Apparently "nano silver technology  helps to cleanse your hair from toxins, leaving hair beautifully radiant, sleek and shiny as you style".  This my friends is bullshit.  Applying heat of 220C to your hair will not under any circumstances help to cleanse "partied out hair from a build up of pollutants".  No, quite the opposite.  It will fry, damage and dry out your hair even more.

If you really fancy a post Christmas detox for your hair step away from the products requiring heat and let your hair dry naturally, use oils and invest in a good quality shampoo.  Go to the hairdresser for a nice trim and don't do any backcombing.  If you can't bear to give up heat: check out a range which we liked a lot better than this one - Remington Shine Therapy.  And switching to blowdrying instead of straighteners is a move in the right direction too.


Sorry Nicky.  I still love you but the marketing of this range is ridiculous.  Detoxing though your  hair is about as likely as the Irish economy getting out of the red... ever. (read about other wacko detox products here)

What do you think?  Will you be using one of these to detox your hair?







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