Nicole Sherzinger had me at Erbal: Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong

The ad MADE me go out and instantly buy the shampoo, conditioner and leave in conditioner.   I'm an almighty sucker.

But sure it was on two for one in Tesco and so only approx €2.50 a bottle, so what harm?

It was of no consequence to me that Nicole Sherzinger sounds less than convincing in her monotone drawl: "so I'm trying new Erbal Essences when I'm suddenly transported". This doesn't even sound like she was remotely trying to persuade anyone, but it doesn't matter.  Because her hair is SO BLIMMIN GORGEOUS she actually doesn't need to speak.  There's miles of it.  Acres of soft, silky, jet black, luxurious, shiny gruaig flowing - nay CASCADING - down her back.



Extracts of honey and apricot (and she pronounces this fierce queer too.  Surely everyone knows it's pronounced APE-ricot), plus lots of SLS and other Erbal Essences smelly goodness mean this haircare is a pleasure to use.  And you know what? It's not half bad. Now it doesn't make your hair ten times stronger like it promises and even on Planet Nicole I think they know that.  And looking at my dried up, colour abused locks (is that MORE split ends, Christ) I knew in my heart that I'd never have hair like Nicole.  But it didn't matter.

Hope people.  There's always hope.

How I love a good ad campaign.  Have you been trying and liking?

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