No7 Shimmer in Bronze: Beaut TV Shows You How to Get The Look


Welcome to the second instalment of our makeup looks in collaboration with No7!

And today it's all about summer. The sun is shining (at least sometimes) and we can get away with more glowing and sunkissed makeup than we could in the depths of winter.

Now, the tanned folks amongst us might want to make the most of their bronze skin, and the sun-conscious might want to fake the bake.

Either way, this shimmering bronze makeup look is for you.

And you can check out exactly how we created the look on our very own Beaut TV!

No7 Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter


This convenient highlighting stick has a gold shimmer to it that perfectly complements tanned skin.


It catches the light without looking false or overly sparkly. We love it.

No7 Stay Perfect Mascara in Black

rsz_stay_perfect_mascara_lid_offThis mascara features a small brush head which allows you to get right down to the roots of the lashes.

It's also blacker-than-black, which is how we like our mascara, and it doesn't budge.

No7 BB Lips in Geranium


This delicious, moisturising lip product isn't like anything else on the market. Nourishing, light yet beautifully pigmented, this is a really easy way to wear the red-orange that's everywhere this season.

We love the glowing, sunkissed feeling we get from this look - wear it with tousled beach hair to channel your inner surfer girl and look like you’re just back from your holliers.

What do you think of this look? Are you a fan of the golden glow? And what are you top tips for beach babe glamour?



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