How often should you be replacing your make up?

When you have lots of products that you chop and change from in your everyday stash, it can be easy to forget they have a certain shelf life.

Because most make up products are applied directly to your face and body is important to make sure they are as germ-free as possible to keep your skin fresh and healthy.

A general rule of thumb is 3 months to 2 years, but here's the breakdown by product.



Mascara is one of the top products that harbour an array of nasties when it is not binned at the recommended time. It has the shortest shelf life out of all cosmetics. It can collect bacteria and even mould if kept for too long. This can cause eye infections, which in turn can be quite serious. It is recommended to bin your mascara every 3 to 4 months.


Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is quite similar to mascara and because it is also applied to the eyes, manufacturers take no chances and recommend replacing every 4 months. Pencil liners should be replaced within two years.



It may surprise you to hear that cream eyeshadow should be replaced every 6 months. Powdered eye shadows are good for two years though. Cream shadows contain oil and water which is why they need to be replaced quicker than powders.




All types of foundation generally fall under the same bracket. They are exposed to dirt, oils, dead skin cells and bacteria every day. If you regularly clean your foundation applicators and don’t use your fingers to apply, foundations should be replaced every 12 months.



Like foundations, if they are kept clean and in good condition, they will last up to 18 months.



Skincare is usually 6 months to 12 months. Experts recommend keeping all of your skincare out of your bathroom as the heat from your showering can cause bacteria to grow quicker than if you stored it in your bedroom.




Lipstick may also surprise you, with manufacturers suggesting you replace it every two years.

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