Clarins The Essentials Reckon They've Got A Strong Point Of Difference In The Naked Palette Wars. BUT DO THEY?

When Claude pulled this out of his impeccably tailored pocket back at the Clarins Launch a couple of months ago we were all sworn to secrecy.  However the first words out of my mouth at the launch were "Another Naked Palette?"  There was a shocked silence but as I'd been writing that very morning about the Bobbi Brown version of the  Naked Palette Chocolate it was kind of front and centre in my mind.

Claude gives us a sneaky peek of his fabulous suit, er I mean the new Clarins Palette

Claude gives us a sneaky peek of his fabulous suit, er I mean the new Clarins Palette

The Urban Decay Naked Palette has to be one of the most successful things to happen to the cosmetic industry since BB Creams and it's little wonder that everyone is jumping on the extremely lucrative bandwagon.

So it takes a pretty strong point of difference to make a new neutral palatte stand out in what is becoming an extremely crowded marketplace.  And does the Clarins offering do it?

clarins x-mas eye palette

Firstly the shades are more reminiscent of Naked 2: there are lots of lovely shimmer and dark shades in there.  Plus a few pinky toned shades that aren't typically Nekkid.


With ten shades in the palette, ranging from light to dark, Clarins have suggested two different looks - one nice and "classic" for daytime and another more sophisticated and dramatic for evening,

clarins x-mas eye palette1


clarns xmas 2

The Essentials is eco friendly, sourced from sustainable materials and comes in a swiz bang stripy box that you can use afterwards as a pencil case.

What do you reckon?  Is this one you'll be adding to your collection?


Clarins The Essentials €44

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