Oh so hair happy! Kerastase Aqua Oleum

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The most amazing thing happened to me on Saturday at the hairdresser.

It was a big salon I don't normally go to and it was very busy. The girl drying my hair just came along and started with the blowdryer without even saying hello to me. Very strange. I read the magazines and drank the coffee the shampoo girl had supplied. There wasn't a word out of yer one for the whole time - except for at the end when she was finished and I got the usual "Are you happy with that?"

Yes, it was fine, I was happy. And you know sometimes it's a relief not to have to carry out the obligatory inane chatter. And then a surprise. "You have great hair" she told me. "It's really healthy and shiny."


Well you could have knocked me down with a feather. I've not been told that for about ten years. Seriously, Anyone who knows me, (or reads Beaut.ie) knows I'm obsessed with my hair and its rotten condition. That's why I'm always banging on about Kerastase so much as it's the only range that actually makes my hair sort of behave...

And lately I've been getting regular Kerastase Aqua Oleum treatments every month. And they've really improved the condition of my hair. So next time you're getting your hair done get a treatment put in - they don't cost that much, maybe €10 - €15.

And darlings we're worth it.

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