Ohh - Very Excellent St Tropez Offer at Boots

st tropez offer

Normally I'd have a freak of major proportions about mentions of the C word before Halloween, but in this case I think it's justified: Boots have discounted that fab St Tropez gift set, seen above, from €61 down to €30.50. For the non-mathematicians among us, that's half price. And by feck, it's a great buy - Tan Intensifier, Aero Bronzer, Body Polisher Shimmer Puff and an application mitt are all included.

So, if you've started with the Christmas shopping, then this is one to buy now and stockpile for the event itself. Great for a mammy, a sister, a counsint or in fact, any female you care to mention with a penchant for self tanning, this won't be on offer for long. You'll have to get down to Boots before 16th October to get it at 50% off.


And there's more good news: this is just the first of the offers Boots will be rolling out on a weekly basis in the run up to the spendathon that is the holiday season.

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