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oilatum scalp shampoo

It's been a long time coming, but spring seems to - finally - be on its way. The dastardly winter duo of harsh weather and its sidekick, central heating, usually conspire to do a right number on my skin; however I've managed to minimise its impact on my face this year.

My scalp, sadly, is another story altogether. It had actually been on a fairly even keel until my recent dalliance with Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo, which caused it to go completely mental. It's now quite dry and majorly itchy in a couple of spots, and frankly it's driving me right round the twist.

After a read of all the great comments on this post, which recommended solutions to a similar problem, I picked up a bottle of Oilatum Scalp Intensive Treatment Shampoo (about €12-€15). Oilatum bath soaks have really helped me with eczema flare-ups in the past, so I was hopeful that this product would be similarly capable of delivering on its promises and sorting out my scalp.

This is definitely a treatment shampoo, and probably not one you'll want to leave out on display.

oilatum product claims


Preservative- and fragrance-free, it contains ciclopirox olamine, an ingredient that's clinically proven to treat the underlying causes of itchy, flaky scalp conditions, salicylic acid to loosen and break down dead skin cells and relieve scaliness and flakiness, and menthol for a cooling soothing effect with rapid itch relief.

Mmm. Luxurious.

The instructions recommend using it twice weekly, each time massaging the shampoo onto a wet scalp to produce a lather, leaving the product on for three-to-five minutes, then rinsing thoroughly and repeating the process.


Given that this is supposed to be an intensive treatment that provides fast, effective relief, I was disappointed not to notice any improvement whatsoever with the first use. Or the second use.


Or, I'm sorry to say, the third use, at which point I gave up. I'm going to give an overnight coconut oil treatment complete with shower cap a go next - might save that one for a night Himself's away - and just incase it doesn't work, I'm also growing myself some Lana Del Rey/Adele stylee mega talons for maximum scratch relief.

Aaaaah ...

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