Olivia Wilde just got the new 'it' hair do and you'll want it too

It may not be the most manageable of styles, but it's the only one to ask for right now

We love Olivia Wilde round these parts. She's a good actress, she's cool, and she's kind of Irish.  Three good enough reasons, no? Her Insta page keeps us entertained too; it's one part political, one part style and one part cute pics of her adorable kids. One to follow. (As is our Instagram page!)

Another reason we love her (and we'll stop at reason four) is that she's a fashion and beauty risk-taker. This week, she went for the chop and a drastic colour change, and it's amaze.




Oh what's up, BLONDE LIFE ?

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BUT, she's not the only woman in Hollywood to sport this look.

That length is tricky for a lot of people and quite hard to manage if you're prone to frizz or have a cowlick or two. Or if your hair is curly. Or if it's dead straight. The colour is even trickier; bleach obviously isn't great for hair and, roots. If, however, you're into spending hours of time and loads of cash on your tresses, this is clearly the look to try this season.


Just don't come crying to us when it all breaks and the only way to condition it is to get a buzz cut.

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