Desert Island Washbag: The one cleanser that suits all skin types

Because everyone seems to be busier and busier these days, a lot of people want one-stop products that do it all.

If you are someone who wants to simplify your skincare routine or you want to buy someone a beauty product that they will thank you for years to come, this brand - and cleanser in particular - is what you need.


Eve Lom is a skin care specialist. She started her skin care range with just this one iconic product, the Eve Lom Cleanser, and the belief that no matter your age or skin type, flawlessly clean and gently exfoliated skin provides the perfect canvas for skincare to perform, allowing us to achieve optimum results for your skin.

This cleanser is a thick balm that you heat up in your hands and massage in to the skin. The product deeply cleanses the skin and doesn't dry it out and perhaps most importantly, it removes even waterproof make up. It softens and conditions the skin, and because of the removal process, it gently exfoliates which helps the skin to regenerate quickly.


It comes with a muslin cloth which you use to remove the balm. But before you remove the product, make sure to hold the hot cloth over your face to help open all your pores. The cotton muslin helps to gently exfoliate your skin and remove all the hard-to-shift make up.

The only downfall is the price, its €70 for 100ml. But on the bright side, a little goes a long way.

If you could only choose one cleanser for our desert island washbag, what would it be? And do you swear to always double cleanse?

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