Oops I did it again - got my hair highlighted

curehead.jpgOver the years I have used and abused my hair really badly.

The atrocities committed include (but in no way are a definitive list):

  • perming (shudder)
  • bodywaving (double shudder)
  • home jet black dye jobs (in my misunderstood Sisters of Mercy stage)
  • bright Henna red (when raves in warehouses were the coolest events happening)
  • highlighting, lowlighting, sizzling in the sun
  • backcombing with sugar and water (I blame Robert Smith), soap and water and extra hold hairspray...
  • subjection to every gloopy, sticky, mousse, gel and "product" known to humankind
  • torture with all manner of
    • straighteners
    • tongs
    • crimpers
    • blowdryers.

And then the final indignity happened a couple of years ago. I got too many highlights in. And they were the wrong colour. I looked a fright - so washed out. Hair looked in a mess. No shine, terrible condition. Oh and did I mention I had also got wide stripes (stripes!) of bright red mixed in with the blonde.


Jesus H. I got the whole lot dyed back brunette quite quickly. But my hair never recovered its condition. It's so dry now. So I swore to treat it more kindly. Did I stick to this promise? Did I heck as like!

Thinking summer was on it's way I optimistically got the colour lightened a couple of weeks ago. And sure just a half head of highlights couldn't hurt could they? So I got them put in while I was at it too.
Getting highlights is addictive though isn't it? Now I want just one more half head...

No no no! It's BAD and wrong! Come on - make me feel better - does anyone else out there have a hair colour addiction?

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