Pantene's Christmas Tips For Hot Hair


The hair, the hair! What to do over the Christmas with the hair!? Calm down love, as Michael Winner might say (before, hopefully, being brained for being such a horrid sexist pig), Pantene have it sorted.

They have a fabillis guy called James Mooney on hand to dispense advice, and he's given some to - especially for you lucky ladies. So what does James reckon we should and shouldn't be doing this Holliers Season?

Firstly, he has a couple of quick rules for us. Scrunchies are O-U-T, gals, and concealed elastic bands to match your hair colour are I-N. Buy packs of them in places like H&M and Penneys for a couple of Euro is my recommendation - I seem to go through swathes of the things. Next pointer? Less is more is the simple rule for party hair. "It’s better to let the natural beauty of your hair shine through rather than looking like you tried too hard", advises James, and I have to agree. He also warns against too much experimentation during the party season - "Don’t do anything drastic but have fun with your hair. For instance, why not try simple to achieve new looks like a messy looking pony tail, worn to the side rather than pinned high on the crown (or at the back) of the head". Duly noted, sir.


So, how do we go about achieving that 'oh, it's just a little something I threw together' look?

James says:

  • Let your hair product work for you – don’t be afraid to use as much as is needed – not enough means you won’t get the look you’re after so follow the instructions and wow everyone at that 'do you're off to
  • If you've long hair, wash it in the morning with Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Time Renewal Shampoo, and before it dries completely, add some mousse. Now dry it, and then tie your hair back in a tight bun (not using a scrunchie, presumably). When you’re ready to dazzle, just let your hair down and you'll have a great looking tossed wave. Yay! TOTALLY going to try this one - hassle free, eh?
  • If you’ve got fine hair, give your tresses a boost with some volumising mousse, scrunch it in your hands (or with a towel for added texture), add a spritz of hair spray and you’re good to go.

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