Everything you always wanted to know about Phi Brows

Phi Brows is the latest big thing in the beauty industry. It is the perfected microblading technique, ticking all the boxes when it comes to creating long-lasting perfect eyebrows.

Phi Brows is fundamentally what was missing in the eyebrow business. It's a way to fill in any gaps from years of over plucking and not being able to grow your hair back.

The Phi Brow method is ideal for patchy brows, asymmetry, badly shaped brows, no eyebrows or just for people who want their eyebrows looking perfect every day. The challenge of having to draw them on daily is real. It can be impossible to spend the time trying to get them looking even and symmetrical on a daily basis. So if you are someone who is over having to fill them in every day then this is the treatment for you. I know. I'm the expert.

See exactly how I do perform the technique on my clients the video.


Before going under the microblade, you will need a patch test and consultation to make sure you are eligible for the treatment at least 48 hours before. Then, the technique takes 2.5 hours in total. It consists of measuring, microblading and applying tint. It's a two-part treatment with the second treatment one month after the first. Once the second part is done, you will not have to fill in your brows for 12- 18 months.

We have already seen the likes of Michelle Keegan, Pippa O'Connor and Rosemary McCabe jumping on the Phi Brow train, not to mention many beauty editors and industry leaders. It's no wonder this treatment is a celebrity favourite and rapidly growing.

This is a brow treatment on the rise, and a must have for those on the lookout for brow perfection.

What is your favourite eyebrow technique?

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