This could be the product you've been missing to get perfect brows

If you love the HD brow look you will love this product. Brow gels are the best product to use to get freshly-sculpted, perfect brows.

Eyebrows are so important to a polished looking makeup. There is a reason they have been so on trend and popular for the last few years. If your brows are well done like Michelle Keegan's they can give you an instant mini face lift. However, they are tough to get looking right. There is always the danger of using too much product and you end up with slugs on your forehead. Too little and you have a brow shape that is full of gaps. Then there's the 'tail technique' which can be tough to get right too. Finally, we've all heard by now that eyebrows are sisters-not twins, so most importantly, if you are going to fill them in- they must be balanced and even.

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Pencils and powders are popular with most people because they've been around for years and we have finally mastered how to use them! Now is the time to break out of your old-fashioned brow box and try out a brow gel. Brow gels look similar to gel eyeliner so they look quite scary at a first glance. Gel liner mess-ups can be detrimental to your fabulous makeup creation. What I will say for brow gels is that you can do your brows first, before your eye make up so if you need to remove them or fix a mistake it's no problem, it won't mess up the rest of your eyes. Also, they are usually slightly less opaque than a gel liner so don't worry too much about it going on too strong.

Artist Tips to achieve Michelle Keegan's perfect brows:

  • Use a precise slanted liner brush to apply a brow gel (we recommend MAC #263)
  • Choose a colour that is close to your natural root colour and don't go too much darker
  • Don't start at the very start of your brow, leave about 3mm of fluffy hair and then start the line (this will prevent you getting a very unnatural squared-off brow)
  • Line along the underneath of your brow to create the shape and arch that you want
  • Use fluffy hair-like strokes to fill in the rest of your brow with the gel so that the top of your brow isn't too structured
  • To achieve a pointed tail at the end of your brow you need to apply pressure with the brush and bring a line out towards your hairline lifting the brush off swiftly at the end

Our favorite brow gels:

Illamasqua Precision Brow Gel €22Illamasqua Precision brow gel perfect brows

Ardell Pro Brow Pomade €15

Ardell pro brow pommade perfect brows

MAC Fluidline Brow Gel Creme €21

MAC fluidline brow gel cream


Would you try out a brow gel? Do you think you would find it difficult to use?

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