Pics: Looks Like Ben and Una Foden Are Having a Fine Time in France

First of all, would you believe she had only had a baby - her SECOND baby - just over three months ago. Speaking as someone who's still hauling around 80% of the bump from baby number one over two years ago, this is impressive. I know she's captioned it "Spot the tan line" but really we're all looking elsewhere. Just me? OK. 

If you'd prefer to look at hubby Ben Foden ambling towards you against a picturesque backdrop, your wish is Instagrams' command...

If you're heading on holliers and looking to buy some bikinis, look no further than Una's Instagram where she's modelling quite the collection, while "casually hanging out" with Ben.

So, as summer is properly upon us - will you be wriggling into a bikini or are you more of a tankini or swimsuit kind of gerrral? I'm all for the tankini (less restrictive, particularly for those clandestine toilet breaks...), but I've been relegated to ordering them online as they seem to have gone for a hop from my regular shopping haunts (Penneys).


If anyone has seen any daycent tankinis, please holler!

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