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Is the wonderfully named website of India Knight, Sunday Times columnist, and Neris Thomas, her film producer friend. They set up the site to publicise the sterling work they did by losing FIVE STONE each, and by the by, to also promote the new book they recently published which can help all the rest of us mere mortals successfully diet too.

If you read the Times, or actually any women's magazine, you'll have heard something about this already - there have been tons of articles written about their new diet. It's called Neris & India's Idiot Proof Diet and they developed it using a process of trial and error as they supported each other during their dieting efforts.


Neither was prepared to give up the things they loved, so chocolate and butter feature in this diet, albeit in moderation! You can buy the book for €15.49 from the wonderful Play.com, who wil kindly deliver postage free! Yay!

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