2010 hair colour: Black OUT - Plum IN! Hair colour of yore in surprise revival

Ah this takes me right back. Plum hair was absolutely crazy huge in the Eighties/early Nineties and every gal worth her salt was busy Glinting and using other crap methods to achieve that dark purple sheen.

Here we go. Black hair is OUT this year. Plum hair is IN.

I don't know has anyone told Dita Von Teese and the cast of Twilight, but I'm sure they'll find out from In Coffin Entertainment (ICE) or something.  Though Dita needs to read our Autumn 09 Trendwatch - and find out she was just SO out.  Briefly.  Because now she has returned to favour - her nails are so IN.


Anyway I digress.  When I heard that Plum hair was so hot to trot right now I thought: I bet the box hair colour manufacturers haven't caught up with this trend yet. And indeed they have not. I trawled through a zillion websites (note to cosmetic manufacturers - it is not cool to have sites that take ages to load. Those minutes feel like hours. I do not want to visit mini sites. I don not want to look at stupid "facts" while your overly fancy site loads. I do not want to watch timers telling me the site is 56% loaded. Potential customers turn to dust and wither away with age. Or more probably they just click away from your website and find information on another colour) Anyway this went on for a zillion hours, looking at a zillion shade charts. All of which represented a squillion variations on dull old brown or blonde.

Aha! I thought eventually. L'Oreal Feria will do it I reckon. Always a good bet for strong in yer face shades (the reds are fab in this range). And they do. No.32 Midnight Ruby is the exact shade to get your dark hair shimmering with a dark purple sheen that everyone sitting behind you on the bus will envy.

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