Poll: Can't drive, won't drive. How important is getting behind the wheel to you?

I couldn't wait to learn how to drive.  I was in the car the second I could get a provisional license and was out causing terror on the roads as soon as possible.  Well I was mainly confined to the supermarket car park until I actually learned to use the clutch - and the brakes.  Kind of important to know how to use the brake.

Driving from school was my greatest achievement - ever! I've always loved cars and getting a new car is only topped by the joy of getting a new cat.  Thems my prioritays.

So I'm always confuzzled by people who've never learned to drive and have no interest in driving.  But why?  I ask them.  Why would you not learn to drive?  It gives you so much independence and freedom.  And driving is cool.  Cars are cool.  What's not to like?

Why do young fellas always want to drive and not girls?

I'm baffled by people who shrug and say their boyfriend/dad/husband drive them around.  But why would you not drive YOURSELF around? I always want to know.  Well I live in town they might say.  But do you never... want to LEAVE town? I will ask back.  And go down the country say?


Oh no, will invariably come the answer.  And if I do, I get the train or get my sister/friend/boyfriend to drive me.

My sisters never learned to drive.  My best friend never wanted to drive until she had a baby and was forced to drive.

So lets poll today - right now - and find out why we're not all driving!

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