Poll: Long hair over 40: slutty or absolutely fine?

When Davina McCall said during the week that her granny thinks her long hair is "slutty" I laughed my head off.  Grannies and (old fashioned I grant you) Mammies, were always fond of saying that once you near forty you should be cutting your hair shorter.  And when you ARE forty may lightning strike you down if your hair reaches past your shoulders.

Now this kind of thinking hasn't died out with Peig Sayers - there are people who still believe it.  Honest, I've heard disapproving discussions between older women about "yer woman with the hair" which baffles me.  Long hair is more work as you get older it's true - but if you love your hair there's no reason not to keep it long.

I think the fear in older people must predate hair dye and conditioner and the horror of having waist length grey frizz?  Nothing wrong with having long grey hair now either of course once it's nourished and shiny.


What do you think though - give us your thoughts!

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