Product of the Week: The overnight hair serum that really works

Some people say hair serum is a gimmick. Those people haven't tried this overnight treatment from Shu Uemura

I always find it difficult to find a really good hair product, possibly because my hair is quite damaged at the moment from all the bleach and heated tools I use.Finding the right product to tame this barnet is not that easy and believe me, I have tried a lot. Between shampoos and conditioners, treatments, masques and serums, I'm always looking for something to transform my locks.

Then, I was introduced to this super-duper overnight serum from Shu Uemura.

Shu Uemura hair serum

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Nourishing Taming Overnight Serum €44.40


What first drew me to this was this 'overnight taming' lark. If something says it can do its job while I catch some z's, I'm interested. So, what makes it special? Well, the serum is infused with red camellia oil which is a super ingredient for hair. It's full of essential lipids, making it easy for the hair to absorb the good stuff. It's a really great source of nutrition and moisture. Used on dry or wet hair, the serum is designed to repair and nourish hair throughout the night.When you wake up, your hair should be super shiny, hydrated and glossy and ready for styling.

The smell of this product is quite masculine.  It's almost wood-like but in a nice fresh and clean way. The texture is hydrating but not oily or overpowering. The first time I used this product I applied it to wet hair and blow dried it in. I definitely felt my hair looked healthier and less broken. I also tried applying it to the ends of my dry hair at night before bed which was amazing. I was really impressed with how soft and hydrated my hair looked in the morning.

This, friends, is a good one.

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