Beauty Ed's pick of the week: An incredible exfoliator - for hair

Like a lot of women, I have always been slightly more than fascinated by beauty products ( I might even go as far as saying obsessed). I love nothing more than buying a new product; between the packaging, the texture, the smell and the promise to make me a supermodel, I'm sold.

Right now, I'm on a mission to get my hair in tip top condition. I've been busy trying all sort of hair potions, and that's great, but as many of you will know, products build up over time and despite normal hair washing, our hair retains residue, making it look dry and damaged or greasy and limp. Eurgh.

So, this week, as my Product of the Week, I am recommending Kevin.Murphy's solution for this common hair issue.

  • Maxi Wash €23



This wonder product is not like other shampoos; it contains AHAs (yes, like the ones you might find in certain active skin care) so essentially he is using skin care remedies to revive the hair. Brilliant, if you ask me.


The basic structure of the hair is very similar to that of the skin, so why wouldn't it work? What you need to know about this shampoo is that, like a skin exfoliator, it is only to be used in moderation, so once a week to start off with is enough, depending on how many products you use, of course, and your lifestyle i.e., if you're a swimmer, etc. The other think you need to know is that because it exfoliates you don't use it like other shampoos. On wet hair you apply it to your scalp and gently (

The other thing you need to know is that because it exfoliates you don't use it like other shampoos. On wet hair, you apply it to your scalp and gently (can't stress this enough) massage it in. Then you pull the product downwards in sections of your hair; the shampoo starts to lather as you are doing this. It's important to always pull the shampoo in a downwards direction, as the hair follicles have pores - or in hair terms, cuticles - and if you rub your hair in the wrong way, it will lift the cuticle in the wrong way and leave your hair looking frizzy.

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Pulling it downwards with the hair from root to tip will smooth the cuticle of the hair down and leave your hair looking better than it has in years. Once you have lathered up each section of your hair, leave the shampoo in for a minute or so then rinse.

The conditioning product you choose after this process is also extremely important. Again, like facial exfoliators, you have opened up all the pores/ cuticles. So make sure you choose the correct treatment to go on after this for your hair type.

You will no longer have to wish for hair like Olivia Palermo; you'll have hair like Olivia Palermo.


Have you ever tried a hair exfoliator before?

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