Pump Up Your Ponytail: Bumpits, Clip In Ponytails, Ombre Ponytails

All too often the ponytail is used as a last resort for hair that needs to be washed, has become frizz central or just plain won't behave. Stuff that horrible hair into a ponytail and keep it out of the way.

Or make a feature of it.  Spray your hair with dry shampoo to give it some grip, use bumpits to add volume and cunningly pull your hair over  to hide the plastic comb.  A bit of backcombing, half a can of hairspray and you too will look exactly like the princess of the ponytail Jennifer Aniston.  Exactly.



I know a lot of people use clip in ponytails and don't get me wrong, lots of times they can look great and lengthen your hair - BUT - and this is crucial, they must be the right colour and length for you.  I was left stunned by an otherwise stylish woman at a wedding recently whose ponytail was a completely different shade to the rest of her hair.  And no it wasn't on purpose.  She had red hair and a bright blonde ponytail.

This is the problem with synthetic hair. If the colour doesn't match properly and if the hair is cheap and really plasticy looking it will be all too obvious that it's a fakeachoo.  You can of course get real hair clip in ponytails that are a good match for the rest of your gruaig and they can look great.



However the road to the perfect clip in ponytail is long and rocky.

The shade might be right, the clip in might be natural hair but you can still fall at the last hurdle - the style.  You might very well disagree but I think this clip in ponytail is all wrong for Reese - it's too huge, too long and heavy looking

ombre ponytail_

And it doesn't end there because crayzee coloured ombre ponytails can look even more ridiculous.  I know Katy Perry's hair was really dyed blue in this picture, but it still spawned a whole craze for coloured ponytail clip ins which should only be approached with extreme caution and should have big ARE YOU SURE? stickers writ large upon the packaging.

I'm writing about Big Hair today in the Irish Times with more ways to get volume and there isn't a purple ponytail in sight - I promise.

So g'wan tell us - exactly where do you stand on the clip in pony debate.


It's an important issue - let us know in the comments!

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