Pureology Shampoo... pricey, but worth it if you want results

Pureology has come to rescue our lacklustre locks. Huzzah!

Pureology is one of those brands that I'd heard a lot of chatter about from my hair stylist friends. But until the last month or two, I hadn't actually tried myself. So, when I was gifted the Clean Volume Set at Christmas, it was the perfect opportunity to properly use some products and see how they performed.

Pureology Clean Volume Set

In the Pureology Clean Volume Set (€42.50) there are three products: the shampoo, conditioner and Instant Levitation Mist. Considering the shampoo alone is usually about €19, the set is a pretty good deal. From the get-go, I was impressed. You only need a tiny amount of shampoo. Same with the conditioner. And, as I learned, you also only need a small spritz of the Levitation Mist, too (oops!).


In terms of results, there really has been a big change in my hair over the past month or so of using the Pureology products. They don't leave residue, or gunk up your hair. Neither do they strip the colour (which a lot of the high street ones do). Instead, you're left with clean, hydrated, balanced, soft locks.

When I went in for a quick touch up on my roots this week, my hairdresser even commented on the condition and quality of my hair. I'm trying to grow it long, which as we all know is an uphill battle, but it's never been in better condition. So as I said before, Pureology might be pricey, but if you want results, it is totally worth it.

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