Rami Malek wears this revolutionary foundation and we want it so bad

Rami Malek wore foundation on the Golden Globes red carpet, but it's not foundation as we know it...

It shouldn't come as a surprise that guys wear makeup at events. Why shouldn't they? Male celebs also have to deal with the lightbulb flashes and general scrutiny. It's just not as obvious. Seriously, we should be looking at the men for 'natural' makeup inspo, not the laydeez.

So how do we get skin as fresh looking and dewy and flawless as Mr Malek's? With this intriguing sounding tinted facial oil. His makeup artist for the night, Marissa Machado, used two shades to give him his delightfully natural finish. (Light-medium to medium shades 4 and 5 FYI.)

It's by a brand called Kosas and boy (see what I did there?), are we glad that's what Rami's wearing because we want it. We want it bad. Kosas says it's the future of foundation and we want to believe it.

In its little website blurb, Kosas says the tinted facial oil is, "makeup meets skincare. Radiance-boosting botanicals absorb, allowing skin-perfecting pigment to even and illuminate complexions. A feather-weight medium coverage foundation and deeply hydrating skin elixir. Apply freely." Don't mind if we do...


Rami didn't just wear Kosas foundation, that night, he wore a lip product, too, a balm from the brand that hasn't even been released yet. People like Gwyneth Paltrow are fans of the Californian brand (apparently Gwynnie wears its 'kick-ass' red lipstick). It's definitely for the makeup minimalist of any gender, and we think it's come at just the right time. The trends for makeup are changing; in 2019 it's going to be more about the great skin look than any other, and brands like Kosas will help.

Kosas ships to Europe for a flat rate of $25. The tinted face oil is $42, and the lipsticks are $28. Would you pay the right to see if they really are all that?

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