How to do matte not flat skin

Matte skin can sometimes look a little lacklustre. But we have some tips on how to go matte without looking flat.

Matte skin comes in and out of fashion. It's having a moment this season, but let's be honest, keeping shine at bay isn't really about runways or magazines. It's about our complexions, day to day and how to make them look good. Sure, we all love the idea of dewy skin, but in reality only a few people can pull it off for the day. For anyone with combination or oily skin, "dewy" has usually slid halfway down your face by lunchtime (taking your concealer with it!).

Going matte has its benefits, including a longer wear time and staying power. But as we said, we want matte not flat - so here are our top tips for mastering the look.


Keeping skin hydrated is essential to stop it from overproducing sebum, so before primer use a lightweight hydrating moisturiser or oil to help balance water levels. When it comes to controlling shine, primer is the secret weapon. Our top tip is rather than covering your skin in primer, use it sparingly. Target places where you find your foundation starts to shine/split throughout the day. This will help you to achieve a more natural, evenly matte finish.



If you suffering with congestion, or worry about an uneven/bumpy texture, beware shimmery highlighters. They only draw attention to it. But that doesn't mean you can't use highlighter (we wouldn't be that cruel). Instead of shimmer, opt for light reflective creams such as Touch Eclat which bounce light, but won't accentuate texture. Similarly, a finely milled powder (one or two shades lighter than your skin tone) will lift features.


Mix up textures

The key secret to creating a matte not flat complexion is mixing up your makeup textures. If everything you use is entirely matte, it can all start to look a bit dry. Try using a touch of sheen cream illuminator on your brow bone and inner corner of eyes. Or wear a glossy hydrating lipstick. The different finishes will help to give life to your makeup.


Dewy skin? Who needs it?

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