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For a good while now quite a few of you have been raving about Aldi beauty products of all things. Is Aldi joining Tesco as a supermarket that does fairly decent beauty products?

We've heard glowing reports of Siana moisturiser, of body creams, makeup, sunscreens and more.

And the best bit seems to be that not only do you find them really good products but they're mega cheap. Mere pence in fact.

It's not only the Cien range that's got you all excited though - Head Strong (now how on earth do they come up with these names I wonder!) and the other originally titled shampoos and mens grooming products get high praise too.


Thus far no one has had good things to say about Lidl beauty alas... Have you tried any beauty from Lee-dil.?

Or Liddle (to rhyme with piddle), as it's more popularly pronounced. As in: "Jesus great bargains to be had in the Liddle. Tins of beans only 6c each. Disgusting but I just shovel them into the kids. Dog food too. Turns the dog's poo white but sure I'm saving a fortune!"

And have you ever noticed how many Mercs are parked in the carpark of de Liddles? Tells you something. Watch the pennies etc.

So what do you think? Have you tried the supermarket beauty brands? Or do you hurry past with your nose in the air spurning Aldi beauty in favour of Brown Thomas exclusives?

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